Holding a Masters degree in English Language and Literature and as the Manager of Career Development and Community Based Learning at Huron University College at the University of Western Ontario, I am acutely aware of the transferable skills that liberal arts graduates possess.  Sadly, however, I find that the majority of students that I see fail to recognize their own value.  Furthermore, today’s parents who have a significant impact on the decisions of their children, are more often steering their sons and daughters away from liberal arts degrees and towards what they perceive as more practical degrees such as business and engineering.  There are numerous studies that support the fact that liberal arts graduates are uniquely qualified to tackle the diverse and challenging roles of modern society and business, we just need to ensure that we are marrying their knowledge and abilities with the job search, networking, and professional skills that will help to connect them with the careers that they so richly deserve.

Visit: http://www.huronuc.ca/students/service_centre/Career_Development/

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  1. Dear Clare,

    thanks for the information provided here on teh websit; that’s really helpful. Please let me know if you’d like to post something on http://www.jadiliano.org, a platform on International Higher Edcuation I started last year. And let me know if I can somehow contribute to your blog.

    Have a nice day!! And many greetings from Mexico


  2. It’s great to have found this blog Clare! I am just up the hill at Brescia and have started a blog (http://straighttalkprof.com) to help prospective and current students make the most of their university experience. My recent post on requesting academic reference letters would fit well in your forum. I look forward to following your posts!

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